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Higher Education has proved to have a great and outstanding role in the development of nations and the building of civilizations. It aims at constructing an educational and professional basis for scholars who participate in building, supporting and expanding the national economies.

Based on the above, Al-Rafidain University College has been established as a private academic University College that awards Bachelor degrees in several disciplines required by the Iraqi workplaces as follows:

a.      Computer Science Department

b.      Software Engineering Department

c.       Accounting Department

d.      Statistics & Informatics Department

e.      Computer Communication Engineering Department

f.        Business Administration Department

g.      Computer Engineering Techniques Department

h.      Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering Techniques Department

i.        Law Department

j.        Department of Dentistry

k.      Department of Pharmacy

l.        Qualification Courses

Due to the fast evolution in the national economy of Iraq and the region, the demand for graduates in these disciplines has been increasing to provide public and private sectors with those required skills. Similarly, globalization, foreign investments and e-commerce have created great labor opportunities in those sectors, which have motivated Al-Rafidain University College to respond positively by supplying the marketplace with quality graduates. 

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About Al-Rafidain University College:

Al-Rafidain University College was established in Iraq in 1988 as a not-for-profit private university college, which is governed by its faculty and supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq. Since its inception, its guiding philosophy has been to provide students with high quality education that prepares them to contribute meaningfully to the economic growth of the country. Graduates, irrespective of their majors, are expected to be capable lifelong learners with
skills in numeracy, communications, critical thinking and problem solving. 



Al-Rafidain University College aspires to be a minaret of enlightenment as a prominent higher education institution of excellence. It is to achieve a nationwide reputation for the quality of its programs and graduates.



Al-Rafidain University College is to broadly educate students and equip them with values, knowledge and life skills needed to enrich their lives and enable them to meaningfully contribute to the progress of society. To achieve its mission, Al-Rafidain University College offers quality academic education through recruiting highly qualified teachers with wide international experience and strong emphasis on research development.


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